Youth Soccer Team Names

Youth Soccer Team Names

We created the site to pull together the craziest, funniest, coolest soccer team names for kids playing youth soccer. Since youth soccer is a pretty large category (we say U5 through U18) then some of the team names are more appropriate at the younger age groups while other names work better for older soccer teams. If you have any good ideas of new team names please drop them on any page in the comments section. We are always looking for a good laugh and resource to help you and your buddies find a soccer team name.

One thing that we think is important any time you are selecting a youth soccer team name and that is to keep it fun. Your team should enjoy the name and sometimes that means taking a name from your local league or country. If you live in the USA that would mean taking an MLS soccer team name – or if you do not have a local squad selecting a team name for your youth squad from another league like the EPL is always an option. We have collected all the soccer team names and listed them to the right hand side of the site. If you feel like we could add some new soccer team name let us know!


  1. I love the soccer team names. I would love to see some more international soccer team names.

  2. I like the green girls.

  3. robot chickens

  4. You should name your soccer team: super strikers,V-Power,ball busters,fireball,super ____(the number of your members),(the place where you live)heatbreakers

  5. Hhahahahahahahaha Eugene my friend I like the super and the no. Of members were 8 so exactly ! Were on a movie super 8 but i will suggest Death Warriors this team has no mercy but i like to say i love you to my girlfriend Liezel Anne

  6. Younger: Funstar Kickers
    Older: Soakers FC

  7. one of my fav names is foulsRus or MLP soccer is magic.

  8. PIRATES will b a good name,.i thinks itz a unique one..some other name can b ACE FC,YOUNG wise

  9. SPARTANS is also good name

  10. Wahine pirates
    Lime slimers
    Pinatas and chiwawas
    Checker chicks
    Xtreme team

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